MMBC Annual Conference – COMING OCTOBER 1 & 2, 2018! (Manufacturing Day)

The Midwest Manufacturing Business Conference is a 2-day regional event, designed to address the current and future business challenges of today’s mid-market manufacturers.

Built directly from manufacturer input, the conference is a concentrated series of sessions and interactive panels, designed to deliver immediate, actionable solutions to today’s challenges and future needs. Attendees will benefit from receiving real-world insights from field-tested manufacturing leaders and professionals, to improve business operations, competitiveness, market reach and strategic advantage today.

JUNE WEBINAR – Friday, June 16th, TIME TBD – “Differentiation in a Commodity Market”

Your organization makes and sells widgets that are considered a “commodity” in the market. You have many competitors that can quickly and easily produce what you offer, and it’s a continual struggle to tell the “we’re different and better” story, without it becoming dull, non-impactful and mostly worthless. How do you differentiate when you don’t have any differences to highlight?

This webinar will cover a variety of methods for addressing ways to effectively differentiate your products and services in a highly competitive and commoditized marketplace. The engaging and interactive session will include actionable takeaways on crafting new differentiators without added overhead, methods for effectively communicating to the marketplace, and increasing your organization’s overall competitiveness.

JULY WEBINAR – Friday, July 14th, TIME TBD – “Creating a Peer Group”

How much can you learn from your peers? Learn how to create your own industry executive peer group, designing a moderated group to discuss critical topics including business development, marketing, innovation, technology, talent, leadership, and innovation. This webinar outlines how you can design an interactive peer network, where you can expand your business and learn real-world solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.