Programs & Services

Our program and service focus is on business and operational topics that modernize and align the “front-of-the-house” and “back-of-the-house” operations, including:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Development & Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tactical Operations
  • Supply/Vendor Relationships
  • Marketing Strategy, Branding, and Differentiation
  • IT and Data Management
  • Leadership, Management, Culture
  • Finance and Key Performance Indicators
  • Customer Service, Client and Customer Diversification

Coalition Programs & Services

The coalition is built by our members, and we develop our programs and services around the current and future needs of our members. Programs are continually expanded and refined to meet the time-sensitive demands of fast-paced manufacturers.


Our webinar program provides the ability to attend educational sessions remotely, without having to spend time away from the factory floor. Webinars occur monthly, and will highlight a new topic or process within manufacturing business operations, providing you insights to new ways to improve competitiveness. Webinars run 30 minutes in length, with an additional 5 minutes for Q&A. Our webinar program is designed to spin busy manufacturing executives up on key topics in a short amount of time.


Our Micro-Seminars go more in-depth, providing a 1-1/2 hour overview of a strategic business topic, including leadership, strategy development, competitive analysis, financial planning, and more. Each micro-seminar is conducted on-site in the Quad Cities at one of our University partner locations. Participants of micro-seminars will receive a certificate of completion and will receive copies of all course materials.

Specialized Training Programs (On-site or Off-site)

If your organization has a unique and specific challenge, the coalition can develop a customized training program to meet your needs. Our network of industry veterans and experts can develop a custom curriculum to address your front-of-the-house operational, sales, marketing, leadership, finance, or service challenges. Each specialized training program is developed upon request.

eNewsletter & eMagazine

Our monthly newsletter, “Front-Of-The-House”, highlights curated and custom-developed articles on best practices, case studies, interviews, and educational articles on how to reduce costs, optimize processes, and be more competitive. All members of the coalition will receive a copy of the eNewsletter each month. We are underway with developing an eMagazine, which will be in PDF format and will be available for download and print. Advertising opportunities are available for both our eNewsletter and our eMagazine.

Partner Events with Regional Organizations

We periodically partner with regional MEPs, Innovation Hubs, Universities, and Co-Labs to develop custom programs and events for our membership. One of our charter partners, St.Louis Makes, will be rolling out a series of events that the coalition will be a premier partner. All partner events are listed in our events section below.

Regional Advocacy

The Midwest Manufacturing Business Coalition works with local and regional government entities to address major manufacturing needs, including issues of zoning, tax credits, incentives, and policies. We partner with key organizations including NIST to advocate for our members needs.